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NRG Logo


NRG logo is a natural experience. As cuatro Mundos we tried to re-connect the organic shapes with human futuristic perspective.
I’ve done a research about human connectivity and technology.
J.J. Gibson expresses this view in his proposal of an ecological psychology (in which perception and action are closely linked):
When in use, a tool is a sort of extension of the hand, almost an attachment to it or a part of the user’s own body, and thus is no longer a part of the environment of the user. [...] This capacity to attach something to the body suggests that the boundary between the animal and the environment is not fixed at the surface of the skin but can shift. More generally it suggests that the absolute duality of “objective” and “subjective” is false. When we consider the affordances of things, we escape this philosophical dichotomy. (1979, p. 41)
This is a great description of what high technology and future tools are part of our ecosystem.




Andres Caiza